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5 Ways to Beat Bad Impulse Purchasing Habits

Impulsive spending is when you purchase something you weren’t planning to. This is an important concept to get a hold of when budgeting effectively. We are all guilty of making an impulsive purchase, but sometimes, those purchases add up and can put us in debt! Here are a few tips for curbing impulsive spending.

1. Keep a list

When you catch yourself wanting to buy something, add it to a running list of purchases you can look forward to.

2. Practice making intentional purchases

Consider the feeling of regret afterwards because you want to feel satisfied with your purchases and not increase any money anxiety.

3. Keep a fun money fund

A “fun money fund” is a fund that you can put a little bit of money at a time into to cover recreational or impulse purchases. It’s money that you’ve saved so you can spend it however you want without the guilt.

4. Keep an accountability buddy

And make sure it’s someone that is not afraid to tell you that you don’t need it. Join our Snowball community [on mobile] ( or desktop for tips, motivation, and accountability on your goals.

5. Carry a set amount of cash

If you’re one that is tempted to spend whenever you leave the house, only carry around a set amount of cash that you’re willing to spend.

Most importantly don’t be too hard on yourself. If you end up impulsively shopping, consider when and why you tend to do it. What were you feeling and experiencing the last few times you bought something impulsively? Write it down. Ideally, you can start to understand your internal and external triggers and how to manage them.

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