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Navigating Student Loans

Federal student loan payments, which have been paused since March of 2020, resumed this month 😳. Do you have a game plan for tackling your payments?

  • Enroll in the right plan. Get the pros and considerations for the repayment plans available to you, such as SAVE plan or PAYE plan, from our Federal programs tab on our iOS or desktop app. You can use the fed gov’s student loan simulator to see which one is best for you.


  • Use our community for questions, support, and more!


  • Need personalized support? We have openings for one-off 1-1 student loan consult or a financial coaching session. You can find details and availability here.

  • Get short-term relief. If you’re in a tough spot, options like deferment or forbearance can pause or reduce your monthly payment. But know that you might still be racking up interest. Plus, these periods don’t typically count toward student loan forgiveness requirements.

  • Try not to get overwhelmed, our digital course is available to help you navigate student loans–your options, ways to repay, forgiveness and ways to pause your loans.

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