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New on Snowball App: COVID-19 Update

With this update, you’ll have the most updated information on how your student loans may have been impacted by COVID-19.

By now the coronavirus has probably affected your life in so many ways that you lost count. The pandemic has forced countless places to close such as schools, offices, and gyms. It has made us transition work to the confinements of our home, along with many other activities. Professional sports leagues stopped mid-season, airlines, cruise companies and retail stores are on the brink of collapse, and taking a vacation anytime soon doesn’t feel possible.

And just like the coronavirus has affected almost every aspect of your life, it has also affected your student loans. The CARES act signed into effect due to the pandemic automatically places all federal student loans on deferment and sets their interest rate to 0%. This has an effect on your student loans given that with the new conditions, every payment you make - if you decide to make any, will go towards your principal.

This new update reflects those changes to your student loans and includes new content and insights to help you further crush your student debt!

📉 COVID-19 Launch

You now have the most up to date information on your loans and personalized recommendations on what to do while you have a 0% rate.

Log in to the app to navigate the new changes and see how COVID-19 has affected your student loan.

👀 Guides

We are expanding our product offering to include comprehensive guides on financial topics!

Check out our different guides to help you become the boss of your finances, and help you in your journey to pay down your debt. Read our most recent guides on Student Loan Refinancing (LP LINK) and the New Graduate’s Guide to Student Debt (LP LINK). Stay tuned as we keep adding more guides and resources, you can sign up to our newsletter here.

New Insights

We have a new look for your loan analysis to make it even easier to understand the details of your loans.

Log into the app here if you already have an account, or apply here to get access!

Don’t forget to sign up to get updated for each new update we launch!

We can’t wait to see you on your journey to crush down your student debt! Questions? Suggestions? Drop us a line here.

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