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The Highest APR Savings Accounts 2018

Looking for a savings account with more than 0.01% APR to put your tax refund in?

For those that have refunds coming in we have lots of advice on where to put that extra cash. We started out by looking into the best savings accounts (vote below on the next topic you want covered!)

Keep in mind

  • You can use a savings account to put your emergency fund (best practice is 3 to 6 months of living expenses).
  • You can take advantage of compound interest (reinvesting your interest and making more $ on it).

We did some research on the best savings accounts to put your money in:

When we looked for savings accounts, we generally wanted 1) higher than average interest rates 2) little to no fees 3) awesome customer service and a 4) great tech interface.   Unfortunately a lot of the trade off for a high interest rate is an online account (with potential limited access to other bank services), so we highly suggest parking $ in your savings account that you don’t need immediate access to (and in a way, it will help you when you get tempted)

Below we have some details on the best savings accounts we found (also, these are all FDIC insured, so you have some ease of mind):

The best savings accounts

Many other sites include Synchrony because of their high 2.05% APY, we were hesitant to include them because of the negative customer reviews we found online.

For those that are looking for some quick cash back, a lot of banks offer incentives to open an account (you can check out some options here). Unfortunately, they often come with some fine print (e.g., min for no monthly fee, qualifying transactions, etc.), so we would recommend only doing this if you are diligent about it.

If you are willing to park your $ for more than 18-24 months and you are 100% sure you won’t need it, consider CD options.

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