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2024 Invest in Myself Checklist

The holidays are a perfect time to think about your goals and desires for 2024. Beyond the financial investments, there are other ways to invest in yourself for the long term.

Let’s start with the financial though. Here are some ideas:

  • Getting started with investing your first $1K
  • Increasing your investment allocations
  • Setting price alerts on travel deals
  • Saving for a big expense such as homeownership, a new car, starting a business, or starting a family
  • Organizing your retirement strategy so that you maximize your employee benefits or maximize tax incentives
  • Paying down debt

Investing in yourself can have a direct impact on your ability to generate income and invest, and can have a bigger return on investment for you. Start by choosing the top 3 you’d like to invest more in and build from there.
Here are some ideas to invest in yourself beyond the financial investments:

  • Hiring a therapist
  • Beginning a meditation practice
  • Hiring a career coach
  • Reviewing and updating your goals
  • Making a list of conferences you want to attend this year
  • Researching certifications that will elevate your career
  • Traveling to a new country and learning about the culture
  • Starting a side business
  • Practicing mindfulness and gratitude
  • Volunteering for a cause you care about
  • Learning an instrument
  • Journaling
  • Starting or increasing investing
  • Creating a workout routine
  • Creating meal plan
  • Trying something new
    Be sure to note these somewhere you can return to easily whether that is a physical journal or your notes app on your phone. We want to encourage you to not be discouraged if things you would like to invest in are out of your budget at the moment. Find free or cheaper ways to accomplish your goals without breaking the bank.
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