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Invest in Yourself Checklist

Since we are in full holiday season mode, Snowball and Catalyst Creation want you to share how you can give yourself the ultimate gift by investing in yourself in 2020.

In building wealth, you often hear people talk about stocks, homeownership, and 401ks. Investing in yourself means improving your odds of being happier, more fulfilled, increasing income. Investing in yourself can have a direct impact on your ability to generate income and invest, and can have a bigger return on investment for you.

Start by choosing the top 2 you’d like to invest more in (remember QUALITY over QUANTITY ) and build from there.

What areas of your life do you want to invest in to maximize yourself in 2020?

  • Mental Health (Therapists, Meditation Apps, Journals, etc.)
  • Career Growth (Career Coaches, Certifications, Conferences, etc.)
  • Personal Development (Books, Online Courses, Travel, etc.)
  • Money Moves (Side Hustles, Stocks, Financial Planners, etc.)


This article was created in collaboration with Catalyst Creation

Catalina is the founder and head career coach at Catalyst Creation, which focuses on creating tools to build change makers to enable them to embrace their truth and dare to #livetheirbestlife. She has 7 years of Recruiting and Sales experience working for companies like Twitter, Johnson & Johnson, Facebook, and a16z. She is also an AfroColombiana who moved to the US at 9, attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and lived in the Bay Area for 6 years before settling in NYC.

Follow her on IG: @curiouscata or add her on LinkedIn

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