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The Most Inspiring Financial Goals 2019

As we are all getting ready for strong 2019, it’s time to evaluate the year and set some goals. Here are some goal ideas based on where you are at:

In Debt:

  • Organize budget
  • Lower expenses and use money towards debt
  • Pay off $500 (or a reasonable amount for you) every month
  • Find an accountability partner

Have Money, Not Investing:

  • Research retirement accounts
  • Research brokerage accounts
  • Commit to investing $10,000 by [set a date]
  • Invest $100 in January (or an amount that is reasonable for you)

Already Investing:

  • Research new types of investments
  • Look into investments that have tax advantages
  • Create my own 2019 financial plan and talk to 3 knowledgeable people about it

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The Most Inspiring 2019 Goals

Here are some actual 2019 goals from users on Reddit. Remember, personal finance is personal. Some of these goals are inspiring because they are ambitious towards building wealth, some are inspiring because they are goals towards getting rid of debt. Everyone is on their own journey and what’s most important is that you take one step at a time and are honest about where you are.

24 year old woman wants to stop living paycheck to paycheck


38 year old woman is building wealth through a 529 for her family


23 year old woman is saving an additional $10K this year.


28 year old law school grad is building up his emergency savings.


Homeowner is paying off $15K in debt and saving for a $12K emergency fund


33 Year Old is Purchasing Stock Options and Maxing out 401K


34 yr old Man investing in stocks and has a very doable passive income goal


Woman wants to get rid of a loan once and for all!


This person wants to get out of the red, that’s a big step.


This 22 year old is learning to do his taxes and is planning his money better this year.


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