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San Francisco Bay Area Resources to Build Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is crucial to our financial well-being, but it can be hard to know where to get started. Here are four Bay Area organizations that offer events and resources to learn the basics of budgeting, saving, investing, and guidelines on making financial plans that work for you.

Berkeley, CA:

4th Annual Financial Literacy and Economic Justice Conference


This Sunday, February 10th at UC Berkeley, Flejcon, a student organization founded in 2015, is hosting their 4th annual free conference. Flejcon was the first place winner of UC Berkeley’s Big Idea Awards in 2015, and believes that financial literacy offers a powerful tool for economic health and justice. High levels of financial literacy are widely associated with higher personal and household savings, long-term financial decision-making, and higher economic security. Their mission is to empower individuals to improve the welfare and future of themselves and their communities.

The workshop lineup for this year includes: Taxes 101, Good to Great: Credit Scores and Debt Consolidation, The Big Experience, Smart Investing, How the Racial Wealth Divide Affects Your Wallet, Taxes for Graduate Students, Freelancer Revolution, and Budgeting Basics.

San Francisco, CA :

Should You Save or Invest? (Wealth Building Workshop)


When is a good time to invest? Should you save your money or invest in the market? How much should you have in your savings before you start investing? Should you pay off your credit card bill or IRS bill first? How much of your income should you put towards investing?

Snowball is hosting a workshop and networking event next Wednesday, February 13th that will cover all of these topics. Complimentary wine will be served!

Berkeley, CA:

YWCA - Young Women Financial Literacy Program


The YWCA is dedicated to fighting racism, and empowering women. One of the hallmark programs of the YWCA is the Young Women Financial Literacy Program. This program offers attendees resources for budgeting, investing, and credit management. They also offer a Financial Literacy Summit for high school girls in the Oakland Unified School District. Besides this program, the YWCA hosts events every month for members on various other topics.

San Mateo, CA:

Fiat Financial Literacy for Youth Program


Financial Aptitude Training (FIAT) is a nonprofit organization that is committed to providing free financial literacy programs for both adults and teens. Committed to serving the Bay Area, FIAT holds workshops covering topics such as retirement, stock options, and 401(k) planning, which are geared towards all demographics. The programs are offered for no charge and seeks to reach the underserved youth in the community.

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