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Another Way to Celebrate Juneteenth: Build Generational Wealth

On June 19th, millions of people will celebrate Juneteenth. Juneteenth is a federal holiday commemorating the emancipation of enslaved African Americans. Today, African Americans have made many strides. There is still work to be done regarding economic equality. In 2019, Black Americans held just 17 cents of wealth on average to every dollar of white wealth.

Financial Planning Guide for LGBT+ community

According to an Experian survey, 62% of LGBTQ respondents reported having experienced financial challenges due to their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Everyone is Talking About I-Bonds: Can I-Bonds Save You From Inflation?

This has led many to look into series-I savings bonds. A series-I savings bond is a security issued and guaranteed by the United States treasury that earns interest based on both a fixed rate and a rate that is set twice a year based on inflation.

How to Fill Out a W-9 Form in 2022

If you are hired as a contractor or freelancer for a business, they may request that you fill out a form W-9.

What the FIRE Movement Means for Women of Color

The truth is, most people in the FIRE movement don’t fully retire. They usually move on to lower paid, less stressful work or self-employment. The key words in FIRE have always been “financial independence”.

How to Save Money When You Really Don’t Want To

Interested in saving money, but having a hard time? You’re certainly not alone. Reaching your financial goals is about much more than saving and earning more. It’s about mindset. It’s about behavioral change.

How Russia and Ukraine Could Impact Your Money

Here are 3 solutions to changing economic conditions.

Women’s History Month: Understanding our past and creating our future with money

Today, women still deal with the lingering effects of laws created to stunt our financial growth.

Snowball Wealth’s 2022 Personal Loan Recommendations

At Snowball we understand that sometimes debt can be unmanageable and a personal loan is your best option.

The Snowball Wealth Financial Roadmap

Starting a new journey can be exciting and scary at the same time. The key to making it more exciting than scary is to have a plan. At Snowball Wealth, we have created a financial roadmap to help you along your journey.

Is Money Anxiety Holding You Back?

Improve your money mindset and build habits to reach your financial goals.

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