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How Russia and Ukraine Could Impact Your Money

Here are 3 solutions to changing economic conditions.

Women’s History Month: Understanding our past and creating our future with money

Today, women still deal with the lingering effects of laws created to stunt our financial growth.

Snowball Wealth’s 2022 Personal Loan Recommendations

At Snowball we understand that sometimes debt can be unmanageable and a personal loan is your best option.

The Snowball Wealth Financial Roadmap

Starting a new journey can be exciting and scary at the same time. The key to making it more exciting than scary is to have a plan. At Snowball Wealth, we have created a financial roadmap to help you along your journey.

Is Money Anxiety Holding You Back?

Improve your money mindset and build habits to reach your financial goals.

Tax Saving Strategies for 2022

Here are a few ways to save a little this year.

Five Ways to Save Money on Valentine’s Day

You don’t have to break the bank just to show your partner how much they are loved. Here are five ways to save money on Valentines Day.

Crypto and Web3 for Beginners

The future that crypto and web3 brings us is a new age of the web. Although these topics seem super complicated, they aren’t. However, it does require some research and getting comfortable with the unknown.

What is Coast F.I.R.E?

Coast F.I.R.E is when followers employ the same strategy but instead of saving enough to completely retire and never have to work again, they save enough to never have to save again.

How I Achieved Coast FIRE as a Woman of Color

Coast F.I.RE is saving enough so that you never have to invest again, and you can still retire at the traditional retirement age. Its still financial independence, but in a different way. In my case, it was a much quicker version of financial freedom. When you no longer have to save and c

Benefits of Building Wealth for Women

If you’re reading this, the odds are you have thought about building wealth for yourself or for your family.

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