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Biden Extending the Pause on Student Loan Repayment an Additional 90 Days

Biden Extending the Pause on Student Loan Repayment an Additional 90 Days

How I Plan to Use the Avalanche Method to Pay off my Student Loans

This past year, I’ve been tackling my debt. I had 4 credit cards I wanted to pay off and so far I’ve paid off three. I have one left, and since I’ve been using the Avalanche method, I am on track to pay it off in two months. I’m going to use all of the money that I was previously using to pay down my credit cards on my student loans.

How Changing My Mindset Helped Me Save $20K

In this last year, I’ve invested and saved 20K, and I’ve never done that. Taking a step back and looking at debt holistically, has given me the confidence to tackle my student debt.

Refinancing my $176K Student Debt with Snowball

My first job paid me $48K a year, I had just moved to the City, I didn’t have money to do anything, really, because my student debt bill was $2,100 a month. I didn’t understand at the time how to refinance smartly, and how I could get a better interest rate.

Refinancing My Student Loans With a Co-Signer

Getting a cosigner is a big decision, so it’s important to carefully consider the pros and cons of a cosigner before asking someone to cosign a student loan refinancing with you.

When NOT to Refinance Your Student Loans

Whether or not you should refinance your student loans depends entirely on your financial situation and on the type of loans you have — there are both pros and cons to refinancing.

Budgeting for the Holidays with Dannielle of First Gen Money

Don’t get into debt for holiday gifts. Giving gifts is not representative of our love and appreciation for our families.

What is Federal Student Loan Consolidation?

If you find yourself with multiple federal student loans. You have an opportunity to consolidate (combine) them into one one loan with a fixed interest rate.

How Do I Refinance Parent Plus Loans Into My Name?

If you have a Parent PLUS loan and are considering changing the loan to your name, this is what you need to know.

Kimberly Hamilton of Beworth Finance on how she tackled debt in D.C.

Automating my finances took a lot of that stress off and that broadened my mind to think about my next money goals after my debts would be paid, can I start an emergency fund, how do I save for my house, etc.

Latina Equal Pay Day 2021 and How Latinas Can Prepare Financially

Today is Latina Equal Pay Day. Here is an overview of what it is and tips for Latinas to prepare financially.

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