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What is Coast F.I.R.E?

Coast F.I.R.E is when followers employ the same strategy but instead of saving enough to completely retire and never have to work again, they save enough to never have to save again.

How I Achieved Coast FIRE as a Woman of Color

Coast F.I.RE is saving enough so that you never have to invest again, and you can still retire at the traditional retirement age. Its still financial independence, but in a different way. In my case, it was a much quicker version of financial freedom. When you no longer have to save and c

Benefits of Building Wealth for Women

If you’re reading this, the odds are you have thought about building wealth for yourself or for your family.

Why I Value Financial Independence, and How I Plan to get There as a First Gen College Grad

I fear the possibility of losing everything or depending on someone else, so I value financial independence and consider myself to be very career-focused.

Breaking the cycle of feeling financial stress

I maxed out my Roth the past two years, and plan to do so this year, while I am still under the threshold. I want to take advantage of Roth IRA’s while I can.

The Single Woman’s Guide to Saving Money on Food

Looking to save money on food? The easiest way is to….wait for it…eat at home and plan ahead.

5 Money Moves Every Millennial Should Make in 2022

Decide what you want to do for yourself this year. Do you want to get out of debt? Buy a home? Whatever your goals are, now is a great time to start planning.

5 Non-Financial Ways to Build Wealth for 2022

If you are ready to start building wealth or continue a journey that you have already started, here are five non-financial ways to build wealth:

Biden Extending the Pause on Student Loan Repayment an Additional 90 Days

Biden Extending the Pause on Student Loan Repayment an Additional 90 Days

How I Plan to Use the Avalanche Method to Pay off my Student Loans

This past year, I’ve been tackling my debt. I had 4 credit cards I wanted to pay off and so far I’ve paid off three. I have one left, and since I’ve been using the Avalanche method, I am on track to pay it off in two months. I’m going to use all of the money that I was previously using to pay down my credit cards on my student loans.

How Changing My Mindset Helped Me Save $20K

In this last year, I’ve invested and saved 20K, and I’ve never done that. Taking a step back and looking at debt holistically, has given me the confidence to tackle my student debt.

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