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Breaking News: COVID Relief Extended Until September 30, 2021

President Biden signed an executive action on Wednesday, requesting the Education Department to extend COVID relief for about 41 million federal student loan borrowers through September 30, 2021.

Student Loans: What is the difference between Deferment and Forbearance?

The biggest difference between them is that forbearance typically accrues interest and deferment typically does NOT accrue interest.

30+ Tuition-Free Colleges To Avoid Student Loans

The cost of attending university is increasing every year, and people are becoming more strategic about where they go.

Celebrities That Have Actually Paid Off People's Student Debt

Have you ever thought of tweeting a celebrity to pay your student loans? Well, it sounds pretty unbelievable, but it has happened!

Stimulus Bill Does *NOT* Include Payment Pause Extension for Student Loans

Congress approved a new stimulus bill. The bill now heads to the White House, where President Trump is expected to sign it into law. One thing that surprised us –– the stimulus bill won’t extend the payment pause and 0% interest for federal student loan borrowers.

Living with Family to Pay Debt, Save Money and Buy a Home - My Money Story

My biggest struggle right now is making sure I'm saving and learning about my own future retirement while working towards helping my parents become homeowners.

How This Millennial Paid Off $120,000 in Student Loans While Making Under 6 Figures

I would say rent is one of the most significant expenses, so really spend extra time looking for a relatively cheaper apartment if you’re planning on moving.

How can you prepare if COVID relief ends for student loans?

There is a lot of uncertainty regarding COVID relief –– will it be extended again? For how long? What should I do in the meantime? We’ve gathered some information to help you!

Snowball vs. Avalanche Methods in Paying off Debt

You can use a combination of the Snowball and Avalanche method. At the end of the day, paying off debt requires consistently contributing to decreasing that amount!

7 Personal Finance Book Summaries

While not all of us have millionaire family members who we can reach out to, we do have books! We compiled 7 personal finance books to help get you started.

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